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We are looking for talented and cooperation:
Free time,
Work is simple,
Help guide.

does not affect the other under the condition of study and work easily.
If you are

interested, welcome to your letter.
In line with the principle of mutual benefit and

mutual trust to the long-term development of the part-time working full-time more

sincerely now. This is a simple job,
Time is flexible. For your normal life and work

won''t have any effect. For English not
There are stringent requirements, can be

simple statements. In terms of communication, as long as you are true

person, is the one we are integrity of recruitment. Work we will help inexperienced

friends, as long as you seriously to do will have you satisfied with the returns.
Job description:
1: upload a product advertising to sales platform, respond to

customer emails, deal with customer orders.
2: in a timely manner through the mail,

answer question about the product purchase and service customers, contribute to

sales order.
3: product data online maintenance, land sales system to complete the

order and so on.
4: deal with the relationship with customers and maintain work,

strive for high praise, and repeat business.
Contact method
QQ: 3283968583

E-mail: 3283968583 @qq.com联系我时,请一定说明是从今题北美网看到的,谢谢!

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