LCD Handwriting Board 10 Inch Handwriting Board

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1. Use [Writing Stylus] to write on [Writing Area] with moderate press strength. just like a pen on paper.T he recommended press strength is 80-220g depending on writing stroke types: normal or bold.2. Touch on [Erase Button] to clear the entire written content.3.[Lock Switch] is turned to OFF or ON position, the clear or erase function is locked or unlocked respectively.[Lock Switch] might not be applied to some product models.4. In case of low battery, clear or erase function deteriorates, the battery needs to be replaced. Open and take out Battery Holder , replace the used battery with a new one and get「Battery Holder」,replace the used battery with a new one and get「Battery Holder」 reinstalled. Use a battery of qualified model or type. Dispose of used battery properly.WARNINGSThis product contains a button cell battery and/or other small part(s), which are hazardous if swallowed by the children. The children under 5 years old using this product shall be under the parents'' supervision.Model:Product Name: LCD Writing TabletBattery Model:CR2016Dimension: 225*140*4.8mmN. Weight:95.5gQuality Standard: SQ-WT 201710Press Strength: 80-220g (recommended)联系我时,请一定说明是从今题北美网看到的,谢谢!



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